Christleton Pit

Christleton Village Pit

The history of the Christleton Pit goes back to at least 1711 when it was built as “pond for fish”.  Since that time clays, gravels, sand etc. have been extracted for use in brick making and soil improvement amongst others.  For a more detailed history please visit the Christleton Village website

Looking across the pit towards Little Heath

The Pit is a very prominent feature of the village and is used by many for relaxation, wildlife spotting and photography, picnicking, duck feeding and fishing (under 16s only).  Some of these activities can result in anti-social behaviour particularly littering and leftover duck food.  Please take all litter and leftover food home with you.

Wildlife Feeding

Please think before you feed the wildlife!  Bread is bad for ducks, swans and other waterfowl and harms water quality.  For healthy wildlife – please feed with seed, oats, frozen peas, sweet corn or rice.  Food left lying around encourages disease carrying rats.

Fishing (for under 16s)

Fishing is only allowed in the designated area to avoid conflict with other users of the Pit.  To fish you need a permit,  be under 16 years of age and resident of Christleton.  The application must be completed and returned/delivered with the licence fee to the:

Bank Warden: Will Wrigley, Crestway, Village Road, Christleton CH3 7AS
Email: Will Wrigley – Tel no: 07899 262993

The Pit Group

A number of volunteers from the Parish (The Pit Group) have been maintaining this body of water for some 30 years.  The objectives have changed over the years but have centred on

  • Maintaining vegetation cover to provide an area of open water visible to the public, and used by wildlife;
  • Retaining the area at the back of the pit for a wildlife reserve and
  • Creating and maintaining safe pond edge to minimise erosion and provide a natural barrier.

To achieve these objectives takes considerable effort.  The volunteers hold a series of working parties in the summer and winter periods to maintain the Pit area in good condition.  The dates for future working parties are posted on the News Update page.  The Pit Group welcomes new members.  If you would like to join us contact the Chairman (335810 or email Malcolm Pratt).