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Summary of written comments from questionnaire replies

Here are all the comments from replies received up to the end of August 2008.  Words in curly brackets { } have been added by the editor to make the context clear.  Road names in italics and square brackets [ ] show the location of the author of the comment.

Roads which have problems that concern you

… the problems

Have concern about the speed of traffic on Little Heath Road between the village green and the Pit – particularly around the severe bends. [Sandrock Road]

Cycling along Little Heath Road and crossing by the pond concern me most.  The school traffic is only an issue at school times. [Quarry Lane]

Speed of traffic through village and mindless overtaking near Pit area. [Sandrock Road]

Traffic from Little Heath Road often approaches village green – junction with Birch Heath Road – at high speed.  At least have slow signs on road surface approaching village green. [Birch Heath Lane]

I have brought up the subject of the blind bends in Little Heath Road several times.  I live in Church Walks, I am elderly, slow, and walk with a stick.  I have had several near misses by cars coming round the bend as I cross the road from Church Walks.  Another hazard is for people living in The Square. [Church Walks]

Our main concern is the speed traffic goes through the village [Little Heath Road]

The village is unsuitable to take large articulated lorries cutting through – they should be delivery vehicles only. [Little Heath Road]

Apart from parking around the village green I have no problems with traffic except for peak times on Little Heath Road and Village Road. [Pepper Street]

{Other concerns} Traffic travelling too fast down Birch Heath Lane with a lot of blind spots for a driver if negotiating somebody on foot.  Maybe the hedges need cutting back more often. [Pepper Street]

{Quantity and speed of traffic} much higher since lights on the bridge. [Sandrock Road]

{Village Road} rat run between A51 and A41. [Sandrock Road]

{Concerned with speed of traffic in Rowton Bridge Road} only at crossroads with Plough Lane. [Badgers Close]

Pedestrian use {of Rowton Bridge Road}. [Badgers Close]

Law College students have more expensive cars due to their age, they drive very fast along Pepper Street. [Faulkners Lane]

{Traffic problems in Pepper Street …}  Parking on both sides of roads around village green causes problems getting through most days 8.30 – 5.30 and some evenings. [Pepper Street]

{Concerning Pepper Street} A lot of congestion because of Parish Hall events and church – also road is very narrow by church and is a hazard for pedestrians. [Pepper Street]

Road and pavement very narrow outside church and Parish Hall.  I have seen a pedestrian hit by car wing-mirrors in past.  A potential problem for children walking to school. [Pepper Street]

Speed of traffic in Pepper Street – need some type of traffic slowing measures. [Pepper Street]

Generally concerned about pedestrian and cycling safety in the village – especially Pepper Street and Village Road towards the Pond – areas quite narrow pavements and busy, fast traffic. [Pepper Street]

{Concerned with parking in Village Road} only on bend beyond shop. [Badgers Close]

Generally the speed at which cars go through the village. [Bush Road]

Traffic speed is a major concern – particularly when crossing Village Road on foot. [Little Heath Road]

Size of buses in Plough Lane, Pepper Street and Village Road. [Plough Lane]

Problem around shop/pub area. [Pepper Street]

Concerned by quantity and size of vehicles using Faulkners Lane. [Quarry Lane]

Occasionally inconvenienced by Primary School traffic. [Quarry Lane]

… action required

{Little Heath Road} We now have a pavement outside our house, in place for 5 years, after 9 years of asking, thanks to the late John Boughton, councillor. [Little Heath Road]

{Other traffic concerns …} Slow it down! [Little Heath Road]

{Little Heath Road} No buses, no heavy vehicles – dangerous bends. [Village Road]

I think there needs to be more signs to reduce speed around The Pit.  Also (duck) signs visible in Little Heath Road – coming into the village. [Sandrock Road]

{Traffic problems in Little Heath Road …} .. most problems only arise at peak times, would suggest no remedial action. [Pepper Street]

Plough Lane is much safer now there is the footpath. [Little Heath Road]

Reduce traffic and speed priority {in Village Road}. [Little Heath Road]

Traffic calming measures

Pinch points on all access roads to village making it very inconvenient to through traffic. [Plough Lane]

Install pinch points at each village entrance and stop school parking. Then review village parking if still a problem. [Quarry Lane]

Speed camera for Little Heath Road and Plough Lane. [Little Heath Road]

Deter ‘rat-run’ traffic by speed bumps and signs.  Re-direct school buses. [Little Heath Road]

Ridged red lines for Village Road and Little Heath Road. [Little Heath Road]

{Little Heath Road} needs better road makings to warn of dangerous corners. [Plough Lane]

{Traffic calming measures – others} Restriction to one lane and rumble strips for Little Heath Road, Birch Heath Lane, Plough Lane and Pepper Street. [Pepper Street]

{Plough Lane} needs 3 or 4 pieces of traffic calming. [Plough Lane]

Red speed mats to slow traffic in the vicinity of the “toast rack” parking area, and in Rowton Bridge Road to slow traffic from the A41 near junction with Skips Lane. [Sandrock Road]

Rowton Bridge Road:  {fixed or actuated signs} a waste of money. [Sandrock Road]

20mph speed limit for Rowton Bridge Road and Village Road. [Rowton Bridge Road]

Speed limit 20mph on Rowton Bridge Road or less throughout village. [The Park]

{Quarry Lane/Plough Lane junction …} Reduce speed to 20mph and have a halt sign in Rowton Bridge Road at the cross roads. [Sandrock Road]

{First choice for traffic calming in Pepper Street …} Lower speed limit. [Pepper Street]

No parking and 20mph speed limit through village centre.  Speed cushions will only direct traffic onto other roads. [Sandrock Road]

Sleeping policemen and reduced speed limits {Village Road, Birch Heath Lane, Rowton Bridge Road}. [Quarry Lane]

Reduce speed limit to 20mph {in Village Road}. [Sandrock Road]

Make Quarry Lane one way. [Sandrock Road]

{Traffic calming – Quarry Lane} One way at certain times of day, ie school start/end. [Unknown]

Parking in the village centre

… the problems

At peak times there is simply too much traffic in our village.  At other times the popularity of the Bridge Club means too much street parking.  This can be dangerous for through traffic.  On the other hand, restrictions such as double yellow lines look hideous;  outside the village shop, for example, will adversely affect business. [Rowton Bridge Road]

Parking on a blind bend by the Post Office through to the old rectory by the Institute should be stopped.  It reduces the traffic to one lane and forces vehicles onto the wrong side of the road.  Drivers ignore the hazard warning lines and show total disregard for cyclists and other road users.  Please advise the Highways Department and Police to issue fines.  It’s the only way to prevent an accident especially at school start and finish times. [Sandrock Road]

College of Law students’ cars take up a lot of parking space in the village.  Could they leave some cars at the College?  When the students are on leave, traffic through the village is smoother. [Sandrock Road]

When the village is congested people drive along the pavement in front of the Ring’O’Bells and the Institute.  Where are the new community police officers?  I have seen them once in the village.  They have disappeared. [Sandrock Road]

The shop loses a lot of customers because they can’t park outside.  Bridge Club park anywhere they want to.  Students in the flats above leave their cars parked all day in the village. [Village Road]

We quite regularly cannot cross the junction Birch Heath Lane/Village Road into Pepper Street because of cars parked slap bang at the junction.  It usually is the same car causing a dangerous obstruction. [The Park]

I live in the centre of the village, at school times it is very busy, it lasts approx 30 minutes twice a day.  Parking when using the church and village hall isn’t a problem.  I am pleased to see village activities there, dancing etc. [Village Road]

{Village Road} Some parking is good in that it slows down traffic but 200yds of cars means driving on the wrong side of the road into speeding traffic. [Plough Lane]

{Pepper Street} Parking on the corner between the Village Hall and the church creates problems for vehicles turning into Pepper Street. [Plough Lane]

Extremely difficult to park on certain evenings when functions on at village hall – dancing etc – a pain for residents. [Village Road]

Parking on the blind bends {of village centre} causes dangers for all road users. [Woodfields]

{Parking in the village centre …}  Parking is the problem and speed limit. [The Park]

… traffic parking became more difficult when the Bridge Club came to the village. [Little Heath Road]

Parking outside the church and Parish Hall can obstruct my drive, but generally manageable and it would be unreasonable to expect no parking near a church. [Pepper Street]

{Parking in village centre} I’m not particularly affected by congestion in village but am extremely concerned regarding safety of pedestrians and cyclists. [Pepper Street]

If one comes up Birch Heath Lane and wishes to go to Pepper Street there are often cars parked, forcing one onto the wrong side of the road and causing a blockage if a car is waiting to turn from Pepper Street to the right. [Pepper Street]

… possible solutions

Parking in Village Road must be stopped.  Driving through would not then be a problem. [Pepper Street]

People who work in the village should not be allowed to park in the village centre all day.  Other parking is only short term.  Dental staff park near the church. [Sandrock Road]

Seek permission from Ring O’Bells for limited parking for a small fee to the brewery – honesty box. [Sandrock Road]

Re-direct the school bus from village centre. [Village Road]

I think 15 minutes parking (max) would help and maybe use Ring’O’Bells car park, if Ian and Adam would allow it, for longer parking. [Village Road]

No parking by the Ring’O’Bells and outside the Deva Bridge Club. [Little Heath Road]

Prohibit parking on the bend along from the newsagents. [Plough Lane]

Vehicles do not disappear.  Parking restrictions at Village Store and/or Birch Heath Lane just means it goes nearby.  Parking on these places reduces speed and amount (cf rat race) far better than any legal restrictions. [The Park]

Restrictions on Village Road exacerbate the parking problems on side roads (eg, Birch Heath Lane). [Birch Heath Lane]

Strongly in favour of double yellow lines from Village Road to The Park. [Birch Heath Lane]

Stop the parking outside the Institute and Deva. [Plough Lane]

I think there should be double yellow lines outside the Ring’O’Bells and outside the shops.  This bend is the problem, especially with a school bus. [Sandrock Road]

Restricted vehicle parking {in Village Road} at busy times. [Sandrock Road]

Residents only {to park on Village Road overnight}. [Village Road]

Ring O’Bells customers should be encouraged to use car park instead of parking on the road.  In my opinion people should calm down and be more patient at times. [Village Road]

Management of parking by businesses must be managed and implemented. [Little Heath Road]

Restrict parking round the village green. [Plough Lane]

Parking must be available for village shop. [Plough Lane]

Bridge club parking should be investigated. [Little Heath Road]

Cure the parking and reduce speed to 20mph. [The Park]

Can {the Bridge Club} be asked to make alternative arrangements for their parking as they are parked in the centre of the village for a number of hours most days.
[Little Heath Road]

Possible alterations to the village centre

To make Village Road one way and divert traffic via Quarry Lane would be highly undesirable.  The vast majority of Quarry Lane has no footpath and the road is unsuitable for more traffic – especially for Primary School children. [Quarry Lane]

{Village Road:  Laying distinctive paving …} – waste of time. [Skips Lane]

{Village Road:  Blocking all through traffic} – Won’t happen.  But there would have to be access for residents (not school traffic).  How would one discriminate?  Parents on the school run would argue that they are not ‘through traffic’ and they need access. [Skips Lane]

{Doing nothing to change present village centre} better than doing too much. [Badgers Close]

No parking 8-9am and 3-5.30pm.  Speed cameras to enforce 20mph. [Village Road]

{Village centre}  Maybe a pedestrian crossing with lights. [Village Road]

I feel that most of the suggestions would spoil our beautiful village and not make it any safer. [Sandrock Road]

Double yellow lines (Village Road).  Pelican crossing (Village Road). [Little Heath Road]

I walked my 3 children to school for 13 years crossing from St James’ church to the Parish Hall, past Rock House, Ring’O’Bells and through Styal footpath.  I lost count of the number of cars and buses who mounted the pavement and endangered my children’s lives.  However I feel if  parking outside the shop was banned, cars and buses would still mount the pavement and speed could become a problem. [Little Heath Road]

Create additional car park for village use on land within the school perimeter. [Birch Heath Lane]

{One way system via Quarry Lane …} only if significant improvements to width/alignment of Quarry Lane/Faulkners Lane. [Badgers Close]

Pay and display parking in the village and the pub car park (Refund to pub patrons). [Plough Lane]

Residents only parking {Village Road}. [Village Road]

Parking outside the Institute should be restricted to load/unload. [Rowton Bridge Road]

Yellow line selective lengths. [Rowton Bridge Road]

Parking in Village Road should be dealt with after the rat-run. [Plough Lane]

Parking should be addressed when other issues have been dealt with;  to see the ‘true’ picture. [Plough Lane]

It can be done in keeping with the village.  Radical changes must be made to stop the rat-run through the village and speed. [Quarry Lane]

Rumble strips or cobbles on approach to village. [Quarry Lane]

My reason in objecting to a one-way system is the inevitable chaos which would take place at both junctions with A51 and A41. [Quarry Lane]

Traffic lights. [Woodfields]

Removing parking from Village Road would not increase speed (or use as rat-run) with humps {in place}. [Pepper Street]

Build extra parking on the green verges of Woodfields. [Pepper Street]

Consideration to be given to disabled people {in the village centre}. [Church Walks]

Pay the landlord to allow parking in the pub car park. [Plough Lane]

Double yellow lines (restricted times). [Plough Lane]

… therefore ban parking on short strip of road adjacent to the pump house, ie the piece that links Pepper Street to Birch Heath Lane. [Pepper Street]

Yellow lines on Village Road would be the best option.  There is parking available further down the road – if cars could not park on Village Road then traffic would flow at peak times and no further action would be necessary. [The Park]

Restrict parking around village green.  Would it be possible to mark ‘sensible’ parking so turning at openings not too difficult, eg white lines rather than yellows. [Pepper Street]

White lines to mark avoiding parking at road openings at village green. [Pepper Street]

{One-way flow along Village Road …}  This could be a good idea provided parking around the village green did not hinder greater traffic coming along Pepper Street.  But does a peak time traffic problem warrant such a huge change? [Pepper Street]

Use other traffic calming measures that don’t block your view as the cars do.  Ban all parking outside shops on bend and restrict to one lane around corner (like Cheney Road and Mill Lane, Upton) to slow traffic. [Little Heath Road]

Some parking certainly helps slow traffic down. [Little Heath Road]

Heavy parking {in Village Road} causes traffic to slow down and therefore OK as it is. [Skips Lane]

Using new technology to ‘congestion charge’ through traffic with residents’ exemption. [Village Road]

Tough one, as so many drivers flout the law and mount the pavement.  It’s about getting the volume out of the village. [Unknown]

Any diversion of traffic will just switch the problems elsewhere;  it’s already bad enough on the sidestreets. [Unknown]

If parking only restricted on Village Road – vehicles displaced on to other roads and as they are already narrow {leads to} more accidents. [Pepper Street]

{Control parking in the village centre} .. only in so far as to provide access for residents. [The Park]

{Control of parking in village centre}  ‘No’!   Present system is awkward but it does slow the traffic down.  Yellow lines disfigure the village. [Rowan Park]

Cost of enforcement

You are proposing shifting the cost from those who cause the problem to the residents.  This is the antithesis of social cost-benefit analysis (which implies a road pricing solution).  Those who cause the problem should be made to pay, not the residents. [Skips Lane]

Am definitely not in favour of this {contributing to cost of parking enforcement). [Sandrock Road]

{Regarding enforcement officers} Could a village be authorized to do this?  Do community support officers do anything else?  Needed only between the restricted hours, ie 8-9 and 3-5.30.  Ie, 4-5 hours a day max including travel time. Cost?
[Village Road]

Could we share a Community Support Officer with Waverton? [Plough Lane]

Parking in Birch Heath Lane

… the problems

Parking (especially long term, eg white van ‘Maxiflow’) near junction is extremely dangerous for people entering Birch Heath Lane to go to The Park.  We have to drive on wrong side of road and risk accidents with oncoming traffic. [The Park]

Many times we have narrowly missed a collision:  (a) because we are forced onto the wrong side of road by parked vehicles on corner and cannot see oncoming vehicles  (b) oncoming vehicles driving too fast. [The Park]

{Birch Heath Lane parking …} My 12 year old daughter has to try to cross in amongst these cars every day on her way to school. [Little Heath Road]

… possible solutions

Double yellow lines 50 yards from the Pump (Birch Heath Lane). [Birch Heath Lane]

Leave {Birch Heath Lane} as is;  to ‘self regulate’. [The Park]

Restrictions must be enforced – don’t use double yellow lines. [Plough Lane]

Remedy indiscriminate parking by both non-residents and residents, also cars left on grass verges, etc. [Quarry Lane]

Widen road/lower hedges – speed camera. [The Park]

Could we try white lines to mark avoiding parking near the junction with Village Road? [Pepper Street]

‘No’ to more fixed signs, vehicle actuated speed warning signs and speed cushions. [Village Road]

But where can they go?  It will merely shift the problem elsewhere. [Skips Lane]

Action imperative at village end. [The Park]

Yellow lines at corners {Birch Heath Lane}. [The Park]

Closure of a road to through traffic

{Would support closing} Plough Lane and Rowton Bridge Road (to through traffic). [Village Road]

How would residents have access to their homes? [Skips Lane]

Access Ring O’Bells, old post office, residents who live on Village Road. [Village Road]

Impractical in residential village. [Village Road]

Doesn’t this solution increase people’s mileage in the village?  If the traffic is slowed significantly then the village becomes a less attractive place to drive and people might move to bicycles/foot. [Quarry Lane]

Close Rowton Bridge to traffic. [Sandrock Road]

Rowton Bridge;  possibly one way – preference from A41. [The Park]

Would people have access to their homes, unloading children/disabled/shopping?  If so {strongly support} Methodist Church – Woodfields turn-off on Village Road. [Little Heath Road]

{… where …?}  At Quarry Lane/Plough Lane junction. [Rowton Bridge Road]

Rowton Bridge Road is now a ‘rat-run’ short cut – so need to close Rowton Bridge. [Plough Lane]

{Rowton Bridge Road …} Other measures {than closure of road or ‘pinch points’} would not be effective. [Quarry Lane]

Close Rowton Bridge. [Quarry Lane]

The closure of Rowton Bridge would make an immense difference to the amount of through traffic through the village.  Most of the traffic is through traffic with no business in the village.  It would reduce 60% of heavy and large vehicles and 80% of cars in my opinion. [Quarry Lane]

Strongly support closure of Rowton Bridge. [Woodfields]

{… where …?}  On Rowton Bridge Road between the bridge and Sandrock Road. [Home Close]

{… where …?}  Barrier (or more likely sensors) would be immediately on leaving A41 and A51 to stop ‘rat-run’. [Village Road]

The issue will just be placed on others’ doorsteps and pathways. [Unknown]

{… where …?}  Proposal needs working up:  Junction of Pepper Street/Quarry Lane / Just after school entrance on Plough Lane / A51 side of pond, etc. [Pepper Street]

Quarry Lane/Plough Lane junction

{Squaring off entry to Plough Lane …} Would it be worth it? [Skips Lane]

{Provide footpath in Rowton Bridge Road …} Footpaths are not used by many schoolchildren, who choose to walk 4 abreast in the road. [Skips Lane]

{Consequence of restrictions on Rowton Bridge Road} Concern about traffic using Sandrock Road instead. [Sandrock Road]

{Would like to see} Continuation of pavement from cross-roads (along Rowton Bridge Road).  Cutting back hedges to edge of road. [Badgers Close]

Make Village Road to Plough Lane the through route. [Woodfields]

{Narrowing Rowton Bridge Road …} This would encourage vehicles to shortcut via Sandrock Road. [Home Close]

Reduce speed to 20mph. [The Park]

{Narrowing Rowton Bridge Road } Better to widen it by taking land from Clock House and putting in a footpath which could cure both problems. [Rowton Bridge Road]

Unsuitable vehicles {for Rowton Bridge} woulld need Plough Lane as exit; hence ‘squaring off’ not an option. [Village Road]

Parking near the High School

… the problems

Concerned about safety of children being dropped off in the morning and having to cross the road. [Woodfields]

No objection to parking at school leaving time.  It only involves 20 minutes on average.  Other parkers should be penalized for continued or all day parking opposite house entrances. [Plough Lane]

My major concern is parking at each end of the school day.  I personally feel this is more dangerous than speeding in the village.  Double parking, parking on paths, blocking gateways, are very common in Woodfields.  I seriously think that there is a major accident waiting to happen. [Woodfields]

Parents are parked on Plough Lane and Quarry Lane 30 mins before the children come out of school. [Plough Lane]

It is interesting that the Law College has its own parking area.  The schools do not offer equivalent facilities for parents on the school run, any more than the dentist, hairdressers, village shop, the Institute and the nursing home.  (The Ring’O’Bells and the church offer some parking facilities, of course, though the latter’s is inadequate for large weddings, funerals, etc). The traffic generated by the above mentioned activities and the congestion they cause are, of course, another matter. [Skips Lane]

Congestion is a problem around all schools throughout the country.  What is the number of accidents involving residents and school children in the village.  That can be a measure of a problem, not how quickly people get from A to B. [Village Road]

School parking terrible.  You have to weave and visibility is bad by the White House.  Can’t they take some grass verge and have a lay-by. [Bush Road]

School pick-up point by pond is overcrowded. [Little Heath Road]

Vehicle parking in Sandrock Road (at school start/finish). [Home Close]

Too many cars parked (Hawthorn Road). [Sandrock Road]

… possible solutions

Cut into the green bank opposite High School for parking – as is nearer to the centre of the village.  Make an area for 20+ car spaces that would only be allowed to travel towards the centre on leaving. [Pepper Street]

The Bridge Club people use all the spaces in the parking area (toast-rack).  At the same time as the children come out of school.  If they did not take up all the space, at that time, people collecting children from school could use this area.  There is also parking space in Woodfields.  Only a short walk. [Sandrock Road]

{Alterations within the school grounds} would be ‘one off’ capital expenditure that should be provided by Cheshire Council and not local residents. [Village Road]

Any expense {to reduce parking near the High School} should be borne by the Education Authority.  There is plenty of room for a car park within their boundary and parking for pupils and parents should be either by a ‘car parking permit’ (for which they pay) or from existing budget.  Just say ‘No Parking’ on Village Road or Plough Lane by the school (double yellow lines). [Village Road]

I try to avoid being in the village at school leaving times, but there are times when I cannot avoid it and I find the traffic horrendous.  Mostly mothers picking up one child.  Couldn’t a plea be made to the High School Head to ask parents if they could arrange a school run picking up several children.  Otherwise couldn’t part of the school playing field be taken up as a parking area for parents.  Then, in many cases, they would be able to approach from Rake Lane and from the Tarvin Road. [Hawthorn Road]

Use some school land for hard standing for some parent’s vehicles to park and pick up pupils off public roads. [Rowton Bridge Road]

There is existing ‘end on’ parking on SW side of Village Road. There is room to extend this which could cater partly in peak periods, ie. School start and finish times. [Rowton Bridge Road]

Cannot think of a solution that does not involve huge capital expenditure.  Somehow I think the parents who create the parking problem should contribute towards the financing of the scheme. [Plough Lane]

Local authority created problems with school therefore they should correct it. [Plough Lane]

School caused the problem ;  the school should solve it!  School traffic should not be allowed to park in the village. [Plough Lane]

Enforce double yellow lines on all connecting roads around the schools for a prescribed distance, to include surrounding roads at the Primary School. [Woodfields]

Stop school traffic and parking (Village Road). [Skips Lane]

School parking would merely be shifted to side roads unless strong action is taken. [Skips Lane]

Encourage the High School to restrict or eliminate car parking by school children. [Rowan Park]

Parents must be discouraged from the centre of the village with their cars.  Even Birch Heath Lane is affected – parents wishing to avoid the crush in Village Road use Birch Heath Lane as a pick-up point in the evening, adding to the parking problems created by the Nursing Home. [Village Road]

Prohibit/strongly discourage pupils driving to school and parking.  [Rowan Park]

Discourage High School parents from driving to/from school. [Woodfields]

I’m afraid asking people to refrain from parking near this school will have little effect.  Mandatory No Parking signs enforced by wardens may be the answer, particularly for those motorists who adopt a couldn’t care less attitude. [Quarry Lane]

Pick up and drop off students at some distance from the school.  “Encourage” parents to share their cars with other students. Too many arrive with just one student passenger. [Rowton Bridge Road]

Drop-off points (for High School students) outside the village centre. [Village Road]

School has a teacher ‘on duty’ at Village Road entrance in the mornings.  This could be increased to include the Plough Lane entrance with a task to distribute literature and talk to drivers dropping off children at the entrance causing blockages.  Encourage them to drop off elsewhere (eg, ‘toast rack’ parking). [Plough Lane]

Create a turning circle and drop off point on school property or farmland in Plough Lane (or elsewhere) from which students can walk into school on a footpath. [Plough Lane]

Like the idea of outlying pick-up points. [Village Road]

{Outlying school pick-up points …} But where?  This would cause congestion and parking problems at such outlying pick-up points. [Skips Lane]

Land adjacent to the school should be used as pick-up point.  Moving pick-up from outside school to other areas of the village merely expands the problem and is not a solution. [Little Heath Road]

We strongly support setting up outlying drop off and pick up points for the High School, which would solve a lot of the congestion and parking problems in the village. [Plough Lane]

Define areas for drop off and have one way traffic at school coming out times. [Bush Road]

Drop off points near the pond.  Use the Park and Ride to bus them in. [Little Heath Road]

Drop-off and pick-up points outside the village. [Quarry Lane]

Re-route school buses via Plough Lane and Stamford Lane to A51 to avoid village centre. [Sandrock Road]

Is it possible to change route of school buses to avoid centre?  [Pepper Street]

I pay enough Council Tax.  This school is the council’s problem.  Suggestion to open Birch Heath Lane where there is no housing estate.  Therefore traffic problem would be solved as the lane leads direct to main Tarvin road. [Unknown]

If the main entrance to the High School was from Birch Heath Lane, less residents would be affected.  But I suspect this is way too costly. [Quarry Lane]

Provide a different entrance for picking up and a one way system to by-pass centre. [Woodfields]

Parking inside school grounds (as at the King’s School) – one way system – cars in on Plough Lane – road through to Birch Heath Lane and exit that way. [Plough Lane]

I am totally against the suggestion originally made in respect of a coach/bus drop-off point having access off Birch Heath Lane.  As already indicated, Birch Heath Lane suffers from parking issues making a narrow lane even more restricted.  The suggestion that heavy vehicles use the lane on a regular “drop-off” basis is totally unacceptable. [Birch Heath Lane]

I am concerned that considerations are being made to have a drop-off point in Birch Heath Lane, this would increase traffic on this road and decrease it in Plough Lane.  Birch Heath Lane is a dangerously narrow road and drivers drive far too fast.  Due to the parking difficulties by Birch Heath Lodge I think it would be a disaster and unfair on residents as you are only reducing traffic on Plough Lane and increasing for Birch Heath Lane. [The Park]

Absolutely against {contributing to cost of reducing High School parking}.  It is a minor problem.  Accept that there may be problems but they are only for a short time before and after school.  It is an advantage to the village having the schools and sports centre. [Sandrock Road]

As the school creates the problem will there be a cash contribution towards increased costs? [Pepper Street]

To direct traffic in and out from Littleton Lane past Vicars Cross Golf Club and right into Rake Lane opening a back route into the High School for parking, keeping traffic and congestion away from the village centre.  Perhaps the Council if possible purchasing some of the farmer’s unused fields. [Pepper Street]

Move school main entrance to Rake Lane. [The Park]

More school children should be encouraged to walk or get the bus to school or cycle. [Little Heath Road]

More initiatives for children to walk to school or cycle instead of short journeys in cars. [Faulkners Lane]

Encourage schools (ie High and Primary) to demand US system of yellow buses – to reduce traffic and fuel usage. [Rowan Park]

Encourage local authority to hire US-style extra yellow buses – applies also to Primary School. [Rowan Park]

A bus service for the pupils would reduce the number of cars picking children up.  The problem has increased enormously since the school bus service was withdrawn last year. [Skips Lane]

Stagger start time of Junior and High School. [Faulkners Lane]

Other concerns

Of prime importance is preservation of the village and its sense of community. [Woodfields]

Lower speed limit in Pearl Lane. [Little Heath Road]

Drop-off and pick-up parking lay-by required for Primary School. [Rowan Park]

Pedestrian crossing by Primary School and High School? [Village Road]

Parking on pavements, particularly at school times, should be strongly enforced. [Woodfields]

Parking on pavement makes it dangerous and difficult for handicapped people. [Little Heath Road]

Inconsiderate parking on the pavement forcing pedestrians onto road, eg houses near telephone exchange on Little Heath Road. [Sandrock Road]

Stop parking on grass – Badgers Close. [Badgers Close]

I have had difficulty on many occasions trying to get out of my driveway because of large vehicles parked outside Nos 3 & 5 Southview Cottages, Plough Lane.  People in the Traffic Action Group should be looking at the problems they are causing.  This is an accident waiting to happen. [Plough Lane]

Ducks frequently on road by the Pit.  Traffic often far too fast coming into and out of the village, especially in the mornings when ducks cross road from gardens to pond. [Sandrock Road]

Improve access to Rowton Bridge Road from A41.  When travelling towards Whitchurch and turning left into Rowton Bridge Road this is a very sharp turning.  Traffic following you is often moving too fast! [Sandrock Road]

Discourage access from A41 by means of co-ordination of lights by allocating access only from the village to A41.  This prevents commuters cutting through the village to the Tarvin Road via Christleton and littleton.  This could be a timed operation, eg. 7.45 to 9.15am. [Little Heath Road]

Remove the traffic lights {at Rowton Bridge}. [Plough Lane]

Traffic lights may be required at exit onto A51. [Village Road]

Traffic lights or roundabout at A41 junction {at The Trooper}. Currently we avoid leaving the village by that route and drive via Pearl Lane. [Woodfields]

Traffic lights {on} A41 (at The Trooper). [Rowan Park]

Visibility from Skips Lane {into Rowton Bridge Road} is poor. [Skips Lane]

Quarry Lane is very congested.  Pulling out of Rowan Park each morning is dangerous due to silly parkers. [Rowan Park]

Early morning deliveries to the shop and pub (from 3am!).  Heavy vehicles reversing into pub entrance to turn round, rather than go round Quarry Lane.  Drivers slamming doors, leaving radio blaring, ambulances and Police cars – sirens blaring. [Village Road]


Make it a priority to reduce rat-run traffic volume through the village by traffic calming methods which physically restrict flow (eg ‘pinch points’). When excessive through flows are reduced it will be possible to assess the need for further measures to meet the needs of residents – rather than those of ‘rat-runners’. [Plough Lane]

{Direct unsuitable vehicles away from Rowton Bridge …} and all of Christleton.  Make the village unattractive as a cut-through. [Plough Lane]

This is an important decision – the solution will, must, comprise a number of actions to solve all the issues faced by residents. [Plough Lane]

Our main concern is that possible changes to one road may negatively impact another road, ie balloon effect.  Therefore suggest any change made is positive for all Christleton and not just moving problem from one location to another. [Unknown]

Road pricing will ultimately have to be introduced (as it has been in central London), and although this may be many years away (particularly because of the political and electoral implications), it is ultimately the only solution, forcing users of the roads to pay the underlying economic costs.  Currently users are effectively ‘free riders’ (in the economic if not everyday sense!) and this creates a major problem to the detriment of society as a whole.  (Of  course, to make a road pricing system practical, there will have to be provision of adequate public transport facilities.  And we are light years from getting those, especially to places like Christleton!). [Skips Lane]

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