Community Plan


Parish Plans were introduced in the November 2000 ‘Rural White Paper’ which set out the Government’s plans for the countryside.  They were suggested as a way for rural communities to come together and decide how they wanted to develop. Christleton Parish Council began to raise interest in parish planning in late 2009 and by August 2010 a number of villagers had volunteered to form Christleton Community Plan Steering Group and were ready to begin work.  Over the next two years, extensive consultation was carried out with residents, businesses and other parts of the village community.  Areas of concern were identified and followed up with detailed surveys and the resulting data was carefully analysed.

Christleton Community Plan was finished and printed in August 2012.  Copies of the Summary were distributed to every house in, or close to, the parish in early September.

The Community Plan and Summary can be viewed or down loaded from the following links.  Both documents will open in a new page.

Christleton Community Plan Summary (PDF, 180KB)

Christleton Community Plan (PDF, 1MB)

The Community Plan was Updated in April 2013