King George’s Fields Trustees

Origins of the Trust

The King George’s Fields Foundation (KGFF) was set up as a national scheme in March 1936 to commemorate the recent death of His Royal Highness King George V.  To administer the project the KGFF  was constituted by Trust Deed in 1936. The Trust Deed defined a playing field as ‘any open space used for the purpose of outdoor games, sports and pastimes’.  Each of the 471 playing fields were styled and called ‘King George’s Fields’. The network consists of fields throughout the UK and each playing field has the distinctive heraldic plaques on the entrance gates.

Christleton King George’s Fields are set back behind The Pit and are approached along Little Heath that passes in front of  The Alms houses.   There is a recently renovated play area, a large open field and adequate car parking. Christleton Sport Club lease the field beyond which is used by the local cricket and football teams.

Current Administration of the Trust

Historically the business of the Trust was carried as a separate meeting before the start of the Parish Council meeting this practice was discontinued as it was inefficient. From the July 2019 the business of King George’s Fields Trust was incorporated into the Agenda of the Parish Council.  The Agenda item (s)  and Minutes of these discussions can also be accessed via the drop down menu on this tab.  Correspondence should be sent to the Christleton Parish Council’s Clerk

Development of the Little Heath Play Area

The Trustees (now the Parish Council) is developing a plan to provide a significant upgrade to the current facilities at the Little Heath Play Area. The current proposals can be viewed at the Little Heath Play Area

Historical Minutes

The Historical (pre July 2019) King George’s Field minutes can be read online or downloaded in the pdf format. There is no requirement to sign into the Sharepoint or have an account with the Company.