Parish Council Minutes

The Draft and Signed Minutes of the combined Christleton Parish Council and the Trustee’s of King George’s Fields are published below.  Signed minutes of recent past meeting are also provided.  Minutes of the last AGM and supporting papers are available below.

The Draft and Signed Minutes from the last meeting are also posted on the Parish Council’s notice boards in the village

Monthly Meeting Minutes

Draft PC-KGF Minutes September 2020 [pdf 758kb]

PC-KGF Minutes August 2020 [pdf 600kb]

PC-KGF Minutes July 2020 [pdf 610b]

PC – KGF Minutes June 2020 [pdf 580kb]

Historical minutes are available on Google Drive

Annual Meeting Minutes

The 2020 Annual meeting was cancelled due to Covid-19 Restrictions

Annual Meeting Supporting Papers

Following cancellation of the Annual Meeting the Chairman’s Report for 2020 and supporting reports were not published