Traffic Archive

This Traffic Archive provides historical content that has been removed from the active Parish Council web pages. The key elements from these historical pages are stored in this archive as pdf  documents and accessed from the links given below. 

Updates Traffic Proposals

September 2017

Following on from discussions on traffic issues at the Christleton Fete, subsequent comments and suggestions from parishioners and consultations with others, the Parish Council has produced an Update on Traffic Proposals. The Parish Council is continuing  to implement  the Traffic Strategy and the current position on other initiatives remains as follows

20mph Speed Limit

In January 2016 CW&C implemented a policy to install 20 mph zones in the Chester Area with funding from CW&C.  As Christleton had already been assessed it was one of the first schemes to be implemented.  The 20 mph zone is  now in place. The scheme will be assessed in November to see if the measures in place are working. If it is not as planned other traffic measures will be examined.

Traffic Discussions

The Chester Villages Ward Speeding Group has been formed with a representative from each Parish Council.  They are having regular meetings with the Police and the minutes of recent meetings with the Villages Ward Speeding Group and the Police are available from the following links.

Village fete – discussion maps – 2017 Three alternative traffic scheme maps were available for inspection at the fete Map 1, Map 2 and Map 3

New A41/Pepper Street Junction 2013A41_Pepper Street Junction Plan

The Christleton Traffic Action Report produced in March 2008 comprised five sections namely Introduction, Consultation with Christleton residents on traffic issues, Discussion with Christleton Parish Council, Analysis of Questionnaire Replies and Summary of submitted comments