Action No 6 from Christleton Community Plan required the publication of a comprehensive Village Guide and Directory to raise awareness of the services, amenities and activities within the village.

The Village Guide provides  background information on the village and describes activities that take place within it together with contact details.  This Guide complements the Village Directory that highlights all the activities, clubs, businesses and facilities in the village. The Guide was published in May 2013.

Christleton Village Guide 2016 - click on this link to open the Guide in a new window.

Christleton Village Directory 2016 - click on this link to open the Directory in a new window.

The Christleton Village Guide 2016 and Directory 2016 are available to view or download from this website.  Limited numbers of paper copies are also available, please contact the Parish Council Clerk for more information.

The Directory and Guide will be updated at regular intervals. If you have any amendments, corrections or comments on either document please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council by email or telephone (01244 900956).