Parish Councillors have a range of interests and responsibilities both within the Council or as representatives on external organisation in the village.  These interests are detailed below together with the contact details for the Parish Clerk.  Members of the groups detailed below who are not Councillors are shown in italics


Mrs Sue Thwaite

6 Chiltern Close, Westminster Park, Chester, CH4 7QZ

01244 900956

(Please note that our clerk is employed on a part time basis and will not always be available to respond immediately to emails and queries)


Councillors should be contacted via the Clerk

The following table sets out Member’s areas of interest and responsibility.

Traffic Working Group

 Simon Kent & Kate Sinclair
 Co-opted group members: Jan Nowland, Philip Waring, Ian Wade,     John Beckitt,  Stewart Phillips, Oliver Mitchell & Darren Jones
Village Ward Speed Group Simon Kent
Action For A51 Group Parish Councils Simon Kent
Pollution Monitoring John Beckitt
Asset Monitoring John Beckitt
Consultation & Engagement Kate Sinclair
Tree Wardens Janet Brown
Finance Sue Thwaite, John Eccles
Allotment Group Sue Thwaite, Mike McGarva
Christleton High School Liaison Group Luke Henley, Susan Robson
John Sellers Trust Susan Robson, Janet Brown (Pauline Pratt – Clerk)
Bank Warden Will Wrigley
Assistant Bank Warden Steve Jones
Best Kept Village/Village Green,Village Planters & Xmas Decorations Janet Brown

Footpath & Open Spaces Working Group

 Susan Robson & Janet Brown
 Non – Parish Councillors
Malcolm Pratt, Peter Tonge,
 David Cummings  &  Graham Ranger
Website Malcolm Pratt , Kate Sinclair & Sue Thwaite
Christleton Primary School Elizabeth Inall
Open Morning Sue Thwaite and  All Councillors
PC Rep on The Pit Group Damian Murphy
This table sets out current roles and responsibilities