Legion Meadow

Establishment of the Wild Flower Meadow

The British Legion property was sold to a Developer who constructed seven properties on part of the land. The remainder of the land was transferred to Parish Council for the development of a wild flower meadow. The Legion Meadow (approximately 1.36 acres) was eventually established 2008. The area was seeded as a “lowland meadow”. This seeding was augmented through the planting of wild flower plugs by local school children.

As time progressed the abundance and diversity wild flowers started to decrease. The meadow became dominated by the rank grass species. A few volunteers researched how the quality of the meadow could be improved. Following discussions with the Cheshire Wildlife Trust a new management regime was put in place. This “two cuts per year” regime was introduced in 2018. The first cut was in early March followed by a second cut in late July/early August. The cuttings from the second cut were removed after allowing them to dry and drop seeds. Yellow rattle (Rhinanthus minor) seeding trials have been undertaken over a 3 year period (starting in 2017). This achieved some success but more extensive seeding is required to tackle the rank grass species.

There are mowed footpaths across the Legion Meadow that link up to the public footpath network.  Please keep dogs on a lead.  There are no ball games in the meadow for adults, children or dogs.

Since the introduction of the new regime there has been a significant improvement in the number and diversity of species. Examples of wild flower species, insects and butterflies found in the meadow are shown below.

(hover over images to identify species; click image to enlarge)