Traffic and Parking

Road traffic and parking issues have existed in Christleton for many years and are aggravated by vehicles cutting through the village to avoid congestion on the major routes.  The Parish Council and others have expended considerable effort in trying to develop improvements to the current situation.  The information on this page aims to explain the the activities being undertaken.

Traffic Update February 2019

Two well attended Meetings were held (Wednesday, 6th February 2019) to present ideas on potential solutions to the complex traffic/road safety issues in Christleton.

The information presented and discussed at the meetings can be viewed and/or down loaded by following the relevant links.

The Parish Council will now set up a Traffic Working Party of up to eight members, which will comprise of two Parish Councillor and the remainder of the group comprising of residents across the entire village, traffic creators, businesses, organisations, schools, churches etc., to work on the four recommendations outlined in the presentation and then to bring their findings back to the village for them to decide by way of a referendum.

Traffic Update December 2018

The Parish Council compiled a report on the current traffic situation covering speed, congestion and safety.  This is available to download along with the summary results of recent surveys and the proposal by CWAC for double yellow lines in the centre of the village.  These can be downloaded using the following links.

Report on Traffic in Christleton Village

Summary analysis Christleton

Christleton Parking Restrictions

As this topic is complex, the Parish Council held two village meetings in 2019 to present this report, answer questions and receive feedback from residents.  The results of which were used to refine proposals to be put forward to the residents in a referendum in 2019.

Current Traffic Strategy

Pre-September Traffic Information

The Traffic Archive (containing pre September 2017 information) and Original Christleton Village Traffic Action Group Studies are no longer available on this web site. Copies of this material are available offline by application to the Webmaster